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    Citizens State Room A (small) - seats 35 (15' x 27')Citizens State Room B (30' x 27')Citizens State Room A+B (45' x 27')F&M Foyer (37' x 60') - included w/any ballroom rent

    CharterWest Ballrooms A thru E (145' x 88')CharterWest Ballroom A with stage (75' x 88')CharterWest Ballrooms B thru E w/o stage(61' x 88')F&M Foyer (37' x 60') - included w/any ballroom rentCharterWest Ballrooms C&E west (44' x 61')CharterWest Ballrooms B&D east (44' x 61')CharterWest Ballroom B (44' x 39')CharterWest Ballroom C (44' x 39')CharterWest Ballroom D (44' x 22')CharterWest Ballroom E (44' x 22')

    Kitchen A with South 1/2Kitchen B with North 1/2

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